CustomFields 2.1 Public Beta

CustomFields is an aptly named plugin that makes Movable Type and even more full-featured content management system. It allows you to create additional fields to store custom data for any of the types of information you manage in MT: Entries, authors, categories, even blogs themselves. Today, I'm happy to launch a public beta for the next version of the plugin which brings full compatibility with Movable Type 4.0.

As the version number suggests, v2.1 contains a few major features including:

  • Full compatibility with Movable Type 4.0 - the plugin has been updated to match MT4's new interface and as a result integrates seamlessly into the application. A number of new field types have also been introduced which leverage the new Assets feature in MT4
  • Complete extensibility - by default, CustomFields allows you to create a variety of different field types (for example textboxes, checkboxes, drop down menus and radio buttons) for objects in MT (entries, categories and authors). With v2.1, it is possible to not only add a different type of field (for example Flickr Photos, YouTube videos etc.) but also enable CustomFields to work with different objects (for example MT Blogroll could enable CustomFields so you could store custom data for links!)
  • You can now enter CustomFields values from a 3rd party client (such as Ecto, wbloggar or Windows Live Writer) using the format specified by the Key/Values plugin in the extended entry field

The public beta is free for all users (but commercial and enterprise users will be expected to purchase a license post-beta). Download CustomFields 2.1b3 here. Let me take this opportunity to stress that this is quite an early beta, there is a good chance that there will be a number of nasty bugs so if you decide to install this on a production server, please take a full backup regularly. This plugin has not yet been tested in large-scale deployments or under heavy load.

If you face any bugs or have any questions, please post them to the CustomFields Beta Testing Forums