A long overdue update to the InlineEditor plugin. For those that don't remember, this plugin allows you to edit entries and comments without leaving your weblog as illustrated by this animation. This plugin includes plenty of new features:

  • It is much simplier to enable Inline Editing on a blog now, simply click a link and the necessary files will be downloaded from movalog.com and installed
  • Implementation of Inline Editing both of comments and entries has become far easier. Simply make 3 changes to your templates!
  • Saving is done through Perl which means its far more secure and works far more efficiently than previous versions (thanks Brad!)
  • Inline comment editing now defaults to only allowing logged in Movable Type users that have the necessary permissions to edit comments inline, this can be overridden in the tag.
  • The ability to customize which fields you want displayed on the Inline Editing form - this defaults to the fields displayed on the entry screen of the corresponding blog.
  • Dynamic templating support - you can now use InlineEditor on dynamic templates without hacking the javascript
  • Various bug fixes including a major bug fix which prevented InlineEditor from working properly when MT was installed into the cgi-bin
This plugin has been built for Movable Type 3.2. Go grab your copy