A bittersweet moment. I had intended on announcing LivePreview 1.2 today (it's already been available for quite a few days!) but Byrne beat me to it with an even bigger announcement.

But then sometimes one of the engineers will throw a curve ball. Like today, when I saw that Brad Choate, MT's lead engineer, created an honest-to-god real live preview feature for entries you are editing.

Yep, you heard me.

So now, when you click the "Preview" button from the entry editing screen, you will get to see what your post will actually look like on your blog. Awesome.

Awesome! Live preview is one of those essential features that I had always longed for until I threw it together in a plugin form. Now that it's folded into the core, it works in a much more elegant fashion than my plugin but I shall miss it, it was one of my favourites :)

For the moment, however, LivePreview v1.2 and the actual previewing process has changed (with the unfortunate loss of the slick screen dimming) to fix some of the biggest bugs with the plugin:

  • Text encoding was lost due to AJAX being used to save the entries
  • A lot of people reported LivePreview causing duplication of entries
  • LivePreview didn't seem to clean up after itself (i.e. all those temporary files)

Goodbye LivePreview, I shall miss coding you!