Some of you may remember the RebuildBlogs plugin I had created that allowed you to selectively rebuild multiple blogs at once. Although the plugin worked as is with 3.2, it didn't take advantage of some of its newest features, namely itemset actions. Itemset actions are basically the drop down menu you see on all the listing pages that allow you to mass-manipulate a certain object. These drop down menus affectively destroyed the need for RebuildBlogs to have any interface whatsoever because it could hook directly into Movable Type's interface.

However, I felt that simply populating the weblog listing itemset actions was not enough, as a result PowerRebuild was born and is the official successor to RebuildBlogs. Quite simply PowerRebuild allows you to rebuild or publish anything on your site, including comments, trackbacks, index templates and whole weblogs, with the simple click of a button. This plugin has been built for Movable Type 3.2.